WP ebooks has new plugins and a summer sale


wp ebooks logoRon and Andrea Rennick have had a busy spring building new plugins to rock your WordPress Multisite install. A few weeks ago they released a plugin called WPCurator, and just last week another called Custom Registration.

WPCurator is a plugin that mimmicks the functionality of sites like WordPress.com’s Freshly Pressed, EcoPressed, FoodPress, and PopPressed. A site administrator can push posts from across a network to the main blog to feature specific posts. The plugin automattically creates a post on the main blog that will redirect to the original url on click.

Custom Registration helps solve an issue in Multisite of registering users without redirecting to the parent site. Currently WordPress Multisite shares a singular userbase in networks, which makes managing users on subsites slightly more difficult. Custom Registration claims to help:

Easy to implement and customize to your situation, we’ve included page templates and some helper functions with our clear step-by-step instructions and plenty of screenshots. Registering new users on sub sites just got a whole lot easier.

Of course, being we’re talking about WP ebooks, each comes with a pdf with full instructions and resources. Both ebook / plugin combos are regularly $17.95.

As part of a summer promotion (or celebration of warmer Canadian weather?) Ron and Andrea are offering three discounts for any of their ebooks. You can get 10% off of two items, 15% off three, or 20% off four or more.

Have you tried either plugin? I personally gave WPCurator a kick of the tires with a review copy, and it appeared to work as advertised. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

10 thoughts on “WP ebooks has new plugins and a summer sale

  1. Ron and Andrea’s plugins save me time every day and their support is impressive, they genuinely care. Anyone using WordPress professionally should consider multisite, and anyone using multisite should take a serous look at what WP ebooks has to offer.

  2. Andrea and Ron are WordPress ninja-gurus 🙂

    Their guides, plugins and advice have helped me over and over again. It’s worth every penny you spend (Canadian pennies too)!

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