WP eBooks launches as a resource for Multisite users

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Ron and Andrea Rennick have launched WP eBooks, a new source of commercial Plugins, documentation, and support for users working with WordPress Multisite.

The site offers two products on launch:

  • Networks + is a Plugin that allows the launching of child sites on top of child sites.
  • WP Replicator is a Plugin that duplicates any site within a WordPress Multisite network.

A third product, a guide called Professional Domain Mapping, is listed as coming soon.

Andrea describes their plans for the site:

Our long term plans include not only more plugins, but a selection of ebooks to give full instructions for certain tasks. In the beginning, many will be directly related to the network feature. I’ve also been approached about collaborating on some ebooks with other authors, as well as hosting products for others. Ultimately, our goal is great documentation over a wide range of intermediate to developer-level projects.

You can learn more about the project, and the products available at WP eBooks.