WordUp Glasgow 2012 will take place on Saturday February 4th


Following up on the very successful WordUp Edinburgh last year Martin Young and Taryn Wallis announced their next un-conference event for WordPress fans in the United Kingdom. This time the event is in Glasgow, and more specifically within the IET Glasgow: Teacher Building in St. Enoch Square.

The venue’s capacity is 125 people so it should be able to handle anyone who wants to attend, which is what the organizers like about it. “We had to turn people away who wanted to come along [to Edinburgh], and then 12 people who had booked a place didn’t turn up, so it was very frustrating to have had to turn people away,” Young said.

Due to the higher cost of this event’s venue (and, the organizers hope, to increase attendance from those committed) you can pick up your ticket for a small sum of £5 (plus the Eventbrite Fee of £0.78). This entitles you entry to WordUp Glasgow, your lunch (sandwiches I’m told), and refreshments throughout the day.

Do you have your ticket yet?

2 thoughts on “WordUp Glasgow 2012 will take place on Saturday February 4th

  1. Many thanks for the article Mark, I just hope we can live up to the expectations set at the Edinburgh event!

    • Oh I’m pretty sure that’ll happen Martin, still time for people to get their tickets. I should really get my hands on some kind of WPCandy Swag for the day!

      Looking forward to the Evening Social, and not being so *new* to this kind of meetup/event like I was with Edinburgh! — Suppose I should look at train tickets and times now, I wouldn’t want to not turn up! 😉

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