WordUp Edinburgh 2011 was a new un-conference style WordPress event


Last Saturday approximately fifty WordPressers made their way to Surgeons’ Hall in Edinburgh to attend the very first WordUp Edinburgh event. It was organized by Martin Young and Taryn Wallis, who both run the meetups in Scotland as well.

You can check out the running order from Saturday to see just what happened, or view the hashtag to see the attendees’ thoughts throughout the day.

For a bit of background, an interesting discussion took place over on WPTavern when Jeff Chandler asked his readers if they thought the term “WordUp” was a good alternative to “WordCamp” or not. Out of the 96 votes made, 60 said yes, 24 went for nothing but confusion, and 12 for no. He also interviewed Martin and Taryn for Episode #114 of WordPress Weekly, right at the end of the episode.

I enjoyed my first ever WordPress event (in Edinburgh at that) and had fun meeting all the cool people there. I didn’t have any WPCandy shirts to give away, but hey — there’s always next time!

Have you been to a WordPress event that isn’t a WordCamp or a meetup? How does it compare to WordCamps?

6 thoughts on “WordUp Edinburgh 2011 was a new un-conference style WordPress event

  1. I go to WordPress London Meetups and find that they’re great, usually 2-3 speakers at 20-30 minutes each.

    I don’t think people should get too fussed over it being official or not, at the end of the day the people attending are those who either love or want to learn about WordPress and that’s benefitting the WordPress community

  2. Paris has been doing it for 2 or 3 years now. Based on a collaborative work : a BarCamp 🙂
    They are trying to do their first WordCamp this year ( next month )

    Since I’ve been to neither a wordcamp nor the barcamp, never been in town each time and their might be one in Montpellier ( real’ south ) some day 🙂 I can’t tell the difference 🙁

  3. Hi Mark, it was nice meeting you at the WordUp.

    Martin and Taryn did a terrific job, it was great to have a WordPress event in Scotland.

    Clearly, with this event, the WordUp movement struck a fatal blow against the tyranny of the WordCamp movement …

    … just kidding, just kidding!!

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