WordSesh aims to bring 24 hours of live streamed WordPress presentations


WordSesh 2013

Scott Basgaard and Brad Williams are currently planning and brainstorming ideas for a brand new online event this year called WordSesh. WordSesh 2013 is set to take place every hour of the day on April 13th this year.

According to their website, the plan is to run one session every hour for 24 hours. The sessions aren’t locked down yet, but few events are more than three months out. They’re planning to use a combination of Google Hangout and YouTube.

Watch the WordSesh Twitter feed for more information about their event as it unfolds. Anyone interested in speaking during the event should read out to them via mail at wordsesh.org.

Will you attend?

Are you excited to learn about WordSesh? Will you attend a 24 hour online event, or will you check in after the fact to watch the recorded videos? I’ll be very interested to see how this ends up coming together and how the presentations end up recorded.

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  2. Looks like there is definitely some interest from the newsletter subscriptions and talk on Twitter. Still a lot of ideas in my head I’m trying to work through but I’m really excited for this and hope to have more details over the next few weeks. If you have any questions, feedback, etc. make sure to let me know!

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