Words for WordPress and its blue-hearted owl have launched


The new copywriting service for WordPress that we reported on a few days ago has opened its doors for business just in time for Halloween. While our original post was light on information, Siobhan McKeown has posted an in-depth overview of the service over at WPMU.

From the overview:

I thought that there might be space in the market for a copywriting service that specializes in producing content specifically for WordPress businesses. By content I mean documentation, tutorials, user interface text, web content, articles, blog posts, press releases, anything that involves putting more than two words together to make a phrase.

You can also head on over to the official site to get your fill on the rest of the details. With the increasing number of premium themes, plugins and services for WordPress out there it is easy to see the niche this service could fill. Can you think of any of your projects that would benefit from this?

7 thoughts on “Words for WordPress and its blue-hearted owl have launched

  1. While we wish you success, I’m confused as to why WordPress needs special copywriting? or is this some kind of marketing thing that spoofs us into thinking that a WordPress blog needs special writing skills? either way I’m sure you’ll find some innocents to fleece – why not just be a copywriter?

    • Nick,

      Words for WordPress is a service for WordPress developers who, many being insufferable geeks, lack the ability to explain anything in layman’s terms.

      My partner and I have hired her for this reason. I am pretty sure their target market is not bloggers, but the professionals who develop products and tools for bloggers.

      They are good people, no need to accuse them of being “fleecers.”


  2. Nick, the service is not at all aimed at people who have WordPress blogs. It’s aimed at people who provide WordPress services – i.e. plugin developers, theme developers, other WordPress services. We’re using our WordPress expertise to provide high-quality documentation for them. I think this is made fairly clear on the website.

    I’m hoping not to fleece anyone, and I’m sure that my clients wouldn’t claim that they have been fleeced.

  3. That’s not clear from the WPCandy piece, a copywriter is a copywriter e.g. writing gun for hire – if you’re a technical writer, you’re good, so I wish you every success.
    I wasn’t trying to be snippy, but there are lot’s of ‘experts’ out there fleecing people; I’m sure you’re not one of them.
    Good luck
    Nick Garnett

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