WordPress Themes For 10/26


These days, WordPress themes are flowing left and right, non-stop. I see at least a couple of new WordPress themes every single day. I wouldn’t even hesitate to say dozens of WordPress themes are created and released daily.

Here at WPCandy we try to bring you the best of WordPress. We do the hard work for you. We dig through all sorts of WordPress themes, select the ones that stand out to us, and bring them to your door step.

In this post, I’ll be writing about two WordPress themes that stood out to me while surfing around.

PocketT WordPress Theme

The PocketT WordPress theme is a pretty interesting theme. Developed and released by Nyssa J. Brown, PocketT is a great theme for any personal blogger.

One thing about PocketT that stood out to me, was the custom styles. PocketT uses custom styles to help divide up different parts of the post.

Custom Styles-

  • Notes
  • Code Samples
  • Downloads
  • Word Highlighting


  • Free
  • Simple Design
  • Different Header Images
  • Good Typography
  • RSS Enabled
  • Search Enabled


  • Too Narrow (for some people)
  • No Right Sidebar
  • No Archives
  • Not-So-Pretty Permalinks

Overall, I’d give PocketT an 8/10 for it’s great design and decent functionality. Oh and did I mention? It’s free!


GrungePress WordPress Theme

The GrungePress WordPress Theme, created by Magnus Jepson, is another theme that caught my eye. When I was just starting out in web design, the whole grunge style was my favorite. Since then I’ve moved onto liking other styles, but GrungePress reminds me how much I still love the grunge style.


  • Great-looking Grunge Style
  • Search Enabled
  • Fully-layered PSD ($99 package)
  • Good Typography
  • RSS Enabled
  • Flickr Roll
  • Widget-ready
  • Tag Cloud
  • Free Updates


  • Some Photoshop skills necessary to edit header image
  • Costs $49-$99

Overall, I’m going to give GrungePress a 8/10 as well. It has a great decent, some standard, but cool features.


7 thoughts on “WordPress Themes For 10/26

  1. THanks for mentioning PocketT, Michael. And wow, I forgot the Archives page! lol I’ll have to add that in the next update, so thanks for the heads up.

    By the way, the not-so-nice permalinks aren’t to do with the theme but the user setup 😉 PocketT isn’t dependent on not-so-nice permalinks. 🙂

  2. Hey thanks for the writeup. I have already taken one of my two cons and fixed it:

    I will gladly edit the header image when anybody buys the theme. I realize that not everybody has or knows how to use Photoshop, so I’m including this service in the $49 package.

    And for those with Photoshop skills; I’m including the full Photoshop file to the first 3 buyers!

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