WordPress Themes For 07/17


Vikiworks V5 theme

Vikiworks V5 has some really sweet graphical elements and is plugin-ready for common WordPres plugins.

Paper Trail

Paper Trail is a fairly simple but unique theme that uses quite a bit of Flash and Javascript for different parts of the site.


Designed by famous graphic designer, Elliot Jay Stocks, ProudFolio is a theme aimed at showcasing the work of designers, developers, artists, and photographers.


VibrantCMS is a clean and well organized theme aimed for business & small company owners.


Sketch’d has a lot of features and is a pretty simple theme but has a really cool grunge style hat brings it to life.

7 thoughts on “WordPress Themes For 07/17

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  2. thats it??? i came over here looking for wordpress tricks, but there really isnt any, would really love if
    there were better or a wider range of tutorials on how to create custom wordpress themes. I would even pay to learn.

    I dont mean artisteer or some other god awful generator, I mean actually learn how to creat a wordpress theme from start to finish and learn how to create plugins, widgets, custom footer all that juicy stuff. Lynda.com only teaches you how to use wordpress, but not how to create themes from the ground up, in fact i have yet to come across a tutorial that did.

    It’s to bad.

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