WordPress Support Team Goes 24/7


Not long ago, our team was online 9 a.m to 4 p.m. PDT to answer your questions and keep your blog running smoothly. Soon after, we brought it up to 24-hour support, five days and week, so those across the country and across the globe wouldn’t have to wait for their answers.

The time has come for help without delay. We hereby announce 24-7 support on WordPress.com.

WordPress.com Blog

The WordPress support team has decided to go to full 24-hour, 7-day free support for WordPress.com-hosted blogs. First they were 9am to 4pm PST, then 24-hours for five days a week, and now you can get support on weekends too.

The official WordPress support team handles issues pertaining to blogs hosted on WordPress.com. If you have a WordPress.com blog, you can contact them if you come across any functionality problems or have a question about how to use the system.

If you’re looking for support for a self-hosted weblog, you can visit the support forums where there are a number of experienced developers waiting to help answer your questions.

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