WordPress Starter Theme Update


Today I’ve uploaded a new version of my WordPress Starter Theme, an empty theme that makes for easy copy-and-pasting from an HTML file into a new WordPress theme. Some of the changes in this release include

  • Page navigation (‘Newer Posts’, ‘Older Posts’) for archives
  • ‘template_directory’ and ‘url’ tags in header.php for copy/paste
  • Basic post structure (‘post’ DIV, title in

    , content tag)

For the full run-down of the purpose of this theme, visit the WordPress Starter Theme Project post.

Download the new WordPress Starter Theme

4 thoughts on “WordPress Starter Theme Update

  1. This will definitely go into my great sources development kit. I wish I found this before I started on my web design job, This starter theme would have made it easier. Thanks and I enjoyed your post as usual. Stumbled!!!

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