WordPress Shop becomes WPSwagStore.com


For a couple of weeks now we have been refreshing the official WordPress shop website every day, only to see the same holding page (above) for a few weeks. But in the last few days the (now) old URL shop.wordpress.net has started redirecting to WPSwagStore.com.

It’s likely safe to assume the shop has been renamed to the WordPress Swag Store, and it in turn is getting a facelift. The credit in the footer, next to the Automattic logo, credits GetShopped, the online home of the WordPress e-Commerce Plugin.

WPCandy has word out to Automattic and GetShopped for more information. We’ll update you when we know more.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Shop becomes WPSwagStore.com

  1. I’m sure Automattic will aquire GetShopped anyway, wasn’t there discussion about that a good few months ago at least? As for the URL change, I like it! 😀 All will be revealed sooner or later I hope?

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