WordPress SEO Plugin version 0.1.3 has been released

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Joost de Valk released the first version of his new WordPress SEO Plugin on the Plugin Directory on October 11th. He describes the in-progress Plugin as “the most complete all in one SEO solution for your WordPress blog.”┬áThis week he released version 0.1.3, which included a few new features:

  • Added option to regenerate SEO title (just click the button).
  • Now pinging Ask.com too for updated sitemaps.
  • Added plugin version number to “branding” comment to help in bug fixing.

The update also included a number of bug fixes marked in the changelog:

  • SEO Title no longer being overwritten when it’s already set.
  • Titles for date archives work too now.
  • On initial page load or SEO title regeneration number of chars remaining updates properly.
  • Entities in titles and meta descriptions should now work correctly.
  • When editing SEO title snippet preview now correctly updates with focus keyword bolded.

For the full set changes, see the WordPress SEO changelog.