WordPress Scavenger Hunt 2008

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For those of you in the San Francisco area after WordCamp 2008, there’s another WordPress-based event taking place the following day that promises to be a cavalcade of fun for everyone – a scavenger hunt!

The post-WordCamp charity scavenger hunt will take place in downtown San Francisco on August 17, 2008, the day after WordCamp 2008. Teams of four will have two hours to roam the city in search of clues, objects, and more. Tasks will need to be completed for points and at the end, the team with the most points will get some awesome WordPress stuff and a few other surprises.

The registration fee for a four-person team is $40. Your company can sponsor a team for $50 and match 10% of the total proceeds. This money will be donated to 826 Valencia, a local non-profit charity for kids.

You’ll need to be at the meet-up location (still undetermined) by 1:00pm local time for check-in. The hunt will start at 2pm and will conclude at 4pm, with the winners being announced at 5pm. You’ll need a camera phone or other picture-taking, WiFi-connecting device (iPhone, anyone?) that can upload evidence to Flickr. It’s also recommended that you have some type of transportation, whether it be a car, bike, scooter, Segway, etc. to get around. There’s a strict two-hour time limit in place so the more easily you can get around, the better.

For more information on the WordPress Charity Scavenger Hunt, you can follow them on Twitter. You can also visit their Flickr page to view evidence as the scavenger hunt is going on. Sounds like a great day!

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