WordPress project part of 2011 Google Code-in? Likely not.

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Any time there is an event that is geared toward further developing open source software, there is always that really big question of whether to do it or not. Let’s face it, a lot of opportunities exist, and decisions have to be made. That’s the hurdle that Jane Wells and the rest of the WordPress development team tackled a week or so back on the development blog regarding the Google Code-in.

Google Code-In is an event hosted by Google to get kids worldwide between the ages of 13 and 17 to participate in open source communities. The WordPress team, if they choose to be a part, will work as mentors to the kids. Unlike Summer of Code, Code-In runs on a much tighter schedule. Turnover times are in hours instead of months.

Jane’s concerns are:

  • The lack of student qualification due to open enrollment and no screening process
  • Time zone differences causing delays in response times
  • Event takes place over the winter holiday season, Nov 21 – Jan 16
  • Task list must be pre-created, possibly requiring all mentors to be available for the entire duration
  • Multiple task difficulties covering multiple areas with sparse mentor coverage
  • Last year’s mentors, with the exception of one, gave negative feedback for last year’s event for multiple reasons

With those concerns and being in the WordPress 3.3 release cycle, she thinks spreading the team’s time and resources even thinner would be a bad idea. The decision isn’t final as of yet and she is open to other opinions. If you want to read more about her concerns and participate in the discussion, check out the post on the WPDevel site.

What do you think should happen? Participate in Code-In or wait and possibly give it another shot next year?

One thought on “WordPress project part of 2011 Google Code-in? Likely not.

  1. Considering the amount of negative feedback on the Development blog, the fact that applications from mentor organizations are due in today by 23:00 UTC, and the fact that I haven’t heard any different from the core team … I’m fairly confident that WordPress won’t be participating this year.

    That said, I still think GCI is a great program. It’s just that last year we had a bad experience last year with multiple aspects of the program, and the timing this year (with 3.3 dropping in the middle of GCI) makes it hard to spare any kind of resources or mental space to handle it. Most of the developers who are qualified to be mentors for WP are understandably busy polishing 3.3 for release … so participating would mean either pushing the release date again, or accepting a low-level of commitment from the people who really need to be paying attention.

    Though I think we should plan to do it next year. If we set up schedules around events like GCI and SoC ahead of time, it makes coordinating core team members and contributing developers far easier.

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