WordPress Plugins, bbPress, and UI… Oh my!


Ryan's mug

I think it’s appropriate that I let our readers know what WPCandy’s fearless leader is up to when he’s not writing furiously for WPCandy. It turns out he’s been spending his “spare time” coding super-useful WordPress plugins and contributing to both bbPress and WordPress.

Yep. Ryan Imel — owner / President / CEO / friendly Overlord — of WPCandy, has been busy. And I’m just taking a minute to make him blush.

One thing he’s done recently is to create a pretty cool little plugin to improve the performance of the Admin Bar. The Admin Bar can be quite a useful little tool once you get used to it. It is especially nice for a site like WPCandy, where we’ve got a bunch of blogs to manage workflow in subdomains of the network. However, as useful as it can be, the dropdowns are “a bit quick on the draw”, as he puts it on the repository plugin page. The Hover Intent plugin uses some fancy jQuery to determine whether a user is just scrolling over the Admin Bar, or actually trying to hover.

Just to brag a bit more on Ryan, you may also notice him swimming around both bbPress trac and the WordPress UI team contributing recently. Ryan has his hands in some of the new dashboard design work on the WordPress UI team, and he’s been putting in some patches to document code for bbPress. It’s pretty impressive to me, a normal human, to see just how he does all of this on top of some freelance work. He surely does not sleep.

So this is just a friendly shout-out, totally unbeknownst to Ryan, that I (and I’m sure all of you) appreciate the many things he’s doing to support the WordPress community. I hope I don’t get grounded and / or banned… Cheers!

9 thoughts on “WordPress Plugins, bbPress, and UI… Oh my!

  1. I can assure you that he in fact does not sleep! For someone that hears many first ideas, triumphs and frustrations, I am extremely proud of what Ryan has accomplished. You are awesome!

  2. bppress contributor?! I never saw his name either on the bbp forums or contributions in the trac, how long ago was that? Bbpress is going pluggin very soon and is very misleading saying things like the ones you said, kind of taking advantage of showing up in wordpress dashboards… and no… i dont work for a rival company.

    • Hi Jorge. I contribute to the bbPress plugin in extremely meager ways (contextual help, minor CPT tweaks), so my name wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, show up anywhere. Sorry you felt this was inappropriate for the blog, but trust me: posts like this, focused on me, won’t pop up that often :).

  3. Thanks for the kind words Brian, and everyone else. It’s appreciated, and humbling, of course.

    There are tons of others who contribute far more than I do, and deserve much more credit. Regarding bbPress, John James Jacoby and Gautam Gupta get all the credit. I only assisted with a couple of very minor things; they did the real (and very awesome) work. The UI group has been fun to help out with, but the credit for the recent awesomeness over there should go to Matt Thomas and Daryl Koopersmith. Even the plugin I released last week was basically rewritten and completely improved by Austin Passy in a quick 0.2 release.

    So while I do lack a normal sleeping habit — you’re right on that count — I’m mostly just lucky to be virtually surrounded by smart WordPress folks. As Mike put it in his recent editorial (at the end), I’m also lucky to get to do what I love with the coolest people ever.

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