WordCamp Orlando postponed until “later this year” due to venue problems


Those visiting the WordCamp Orlando website this morning might be surprised by a notice that the event itself has been postponed until “later this year”. The event was originally planned for February 4th, 2011, just over three weeks from today, but due to their original venue not being available the organizers have chosen to reschedule. The following message went up on WordCamp Orlando’s website this morning:

We know this is going to come as disappointing news, but because we’re unwilling to let WordCamp Orlando be anything other than the best value event it possibly can be we’ve decided to reschedule for later this year. We continue to be hard at work in WordCamp Orlando 2011 and are confident that the extra time will allow us to build an event that will benefit speakers, sponsors, attendees and everyone else.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. This decision doesn’t come easily for us as we absolutely want this event to happen, but given the time we have left until our date and the expectations associated, we need to push now rather than force things through and put an event on that we can’t be 100% proud of. Our first priority is making this event the best experience possible and we appreciate everyone’s understanding as it continues to take shape. More information to come as soon as things are confirmed.

We got in touch with Sean O’Shaughnessy, one of the organizers for WordCamp Orlando, and learned a bit more. It turns out the specific reason for the change of plans was the loss of the primary venue for the event. A high profile location was in the works, but in the end didn’t pass final approval. The organizers searched for an alternative venue, but all other options would have resulted in a raise in ticket prices and sacrifices in order to have the same amenities as the original venue. O’Shaughnessy¬†also told us about what they had planned, and what they hope will still work out later this year:

In terms of speakers, we had a great speaker line-up and topics ranging from “Using Git and Capistrano with WordPress”, to “Optimizing WordPress”, to using “Theme Frameworks”, to panel discussions with leading publishers using WordPress at Fortune 100 companies. We also had topics around building and maintaining communities, understanding your audience, staying relevant, and consulting do’s and don’ts. We’re hoping they’ll all be able to make it to the rescheduled event.

Registrations were not yet open for WordCamp Orlando, and won’t be until a new venue and date are chosen. At that point, O’Shaughnessy¬†says, “[the organizers are] confident that when we find a new venue for the rescheduled event later this year, the community will continue to show its support for WordCamp Orlando.”

You an also follow @WordCampOrlando on Twitter for updates on when the event will be rescheduled.

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