WordPress.org forum stats show lots (and lots!) of activity


Last week, prompted by a posting by WordPress Theme Review Team member Chip Bennett, Otto shared a number of stats about the WordPress.org forums that I found interesting. Based on numbers at that time — which have no doubt gone up considerably since — Otto reported that on the WordPress.org forums:

  • there have been 2,358,056 posts to 648,214 topics and
  • 314,960 active users out of a total 2,734,563 registered.

Otto noted that the majority of those registered never actually become active in the forums, where “active” means posting once or more in the forums. It’s also worth pointing out that the numbers above are raw, and include both spam and deleted topics. These stats were posted to the wp-forums mailing list, which you can join if you’d like to be a part of future conversations.

Are you surprised at all by these stats, or that the WordPress.org community is so massive?

5 thoughts on “WordPress.org forum stats show lots (and lots!) of activity

  1. Registered users not becoming active in the forums doesn’t surprise me. WordPress.org has one of the worst support forums out there. Most of the posts go unanswered. I gave up on the WordPress.org forums long ago.

    • Huh. Have you ever answered a question on the forums?

      The response rate is only as high as the community is willing to respond to questions.

  2. Well staggering numbers really but I have stopped going to the forums. Ever since they reset the accounts I have tried and tried and have never been able to register a fresh username 🙁

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