Research shows featured themes see big stats boost


You might remember about a week ago Ryan posted about getting a featured themes section.  The Theme Review Team gets the privilege of adding themes to this section.  So what’s happened since then, you say? Well, as you may expect, the lucky themes to get a spot on that list have been downloaded. A lot.

Some of the featured themes like P2, Twenty Ten, Constructor and a couple of others have been around a while and just about anyone that uses WordPress already knows about them. Their stats look impressive and seem to have gotten a bump — but frankly they’ve always been impressive.  Others, like Red Christmas and This Christmas are seasonal, so we should exclude them from our analysis. The themes that I find particularly interesting on the featured list are Easel and Prototype.  And I’d like to compare them to a couple of other popular themes that didn’t make the list: Arras and Graphene.

Easel is a relatively new theme by the well known WordPress developer Philip Hofer (Frumph).

Easel Stats

Prototype is also a relatively new theme by well known developer Justin Tadlock (greenshady).

Prototype Stats

Arras is a relatively new theme by developer Melvin Lee (zyml)

Arras Stats

Graphene is a relatively new theme, and the first on by Khairul Syahir (silverks)

Graphene Stats

I used these four themes in my example because they are all relatively new, but not brand new.  They are also all currently on the list of most popular themes on  Easel and Prototype were added to the featured themes list on December 14th.  Arras and Graphene were not.

The results of being added to the featured themes list speak for themselves.  Every developer that is releasing free themes would obviously love to be on that list.

So what do you think about it? What type of themes would you like to see featured? Is there a theme out there that you think should be there that’s not? Are there any themes on the list that you don’t think deserve to be? Could a featured section like this help support business models with free themes and paid support? You tell me.

2 thoughts on “Research shows featured themes see big stats boost

  1. Although, as the WordPress Theme Review Team, we recognize the dramatic influence on stats being on the Featured Themes list can create it was not a consideration when these themes were being chosen for this recent update.

    Although I expected this effect I imagine all Theme authors would be greatly interested in being on the Featured Themes list to gain this kind of exposure to the WordPress community and their work.

    Ideally the WordPress Theme Review Team will continue to select new and interesting Themes being kept up-to-date and maintained to the current Theme Review guidelines, This will also provide Theme authors the opportunity to have one (or more) of their Themes listed on the Featured Theme page.

    The selection process will also be greatly influenced by: how well maintained; current with the Theme Review guidelines; and, how innovative authors write their Theme(s) for inclusion in the WordPress Extend repository.

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