WordPress.org Featured Themes section updated by Theme Review Team


The WordPress.org Theme Directory includes a section of the home page set aside for “Featured Themes”. This section was updated today by the Theme Review Team.

Today’s update brings a new list of themes to the front page, including Prototype, Red Christmas, Platform, and Quality Control. The choice of themes is entirely that of the Theme Review Team. Edward Caissie describes the chosen themes as “interesting selections of current themes offering various idea and designs to enjoy”.

Caissie also jokingly invites bribes in the form of Gingerbread cookies. So for the manipulative among you: get baking!

The WordPress Theme Review Team, the team that reviews each submitted theme for inclusion in the Theme Directory, was given the power to feature certain themes a couple of months ago.

2 thoughts on “WordPress.org Featured Themes section updated by Theme Review Team

  1. Glad that the featured themes is getting updated, I don’t think they needed to feature Twenty Ten though since it is already in the core download.

    I wonder who I’ve got to bake cookies for to get my plugin featured on the plugins main page? Maybe I can get my wife to bake some more WordPress cupcakes, that’d make a nice bribe…

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