WordPress.org core leadership wants your input for 2011

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WordPress in 2011

Jane Wells put up a new post in the WordPress.org forums asking for your input on the direction of WordPress development for 2011.  The core leadership team is getting together in January, and will take your suggestions under consideration in the meeting.  You can submit your suggestions any time before January 4th.

Some of the initial responses seem like great ideas:

  • further UI enhancements
  • improvements in handling media
  • core plugin development
  • overall standardization
  • built in SEO
  • and much more.

So, what will you be submitting?

Also, with the meeting coming up, she announced in a separate blog post that she is going to start profiling some “of our more dedicated contributors” in a series called “Meet the Makers”.  The overall goal is to provide some much deserved exposure for those that make WordPress great.

The intial profiles will be of some of the core contributors that will be at the meeting so users can get to know them better before a proposed video town hall to take place while they are all together.  Dates and times for the town hall aren’t set yet, but you better believe WPCandy will be all over it. It’s already looking like 2011 will be another exciting year.