5 thoughts on “WordPress MU 2.6.1 Released

  1. What’s this all about these short posts, it makes the quality of WPCandy very low if you ask me… If this goes on, I’ll just delete it from my feed, because this is rediculous.

  2. @Kevin, these are Community style posts. Though I too wish they didn’t just link it and actaully wrote something, they have explained what it is.


    Though I don’t mind it seems many do. I hope they either make it a separate feed or actually write something about it before linking.

  3. I thought that was excluded at the feed? Anyway, I threw away my WPCandy feed, because I don’t care about some links to other sites. I want the good ol’ posts that were written by the WPCandy guys. Not some link to another blog, that’s lazyness. A monkey could do that…

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