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WordPress guided transfers

We recently reported that Automattic was working on a way to make the transition from to a self-hosted installation easier. Today they have made it official.

Hew Sutton, a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, posted on the blog that for $99 Automattic will provide users a fully guided transition to a self hosted installation. They’re calling the service Guided Transfers.

The move includes the transition of the complete .com site, content, permissions setup, domain setup, two weeks of support, and the installation and configuration of “Jetpack and a few other plugins to provide features that you have been using on” The offering is also only for an Automattic “recommended host.”

This may help explain why some hosting providers were excited about the Jetpack announcement. The list of recommended hosts includes Network Solutions, Godaddy, Blue Host, Media Temple, and DreamHost. Guided Transitions certainly sweetens the deal for them, and perhaps Automattic’s referral numbers as well.

So how do you feel about this announcement? It certainly will make these services more available to users. There are third parties and developers that offer the same thing already, but Automattic offering it obviously makes it more visible and a less-scary proposition to the average user. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I don’t know why HostGator isn’t a recommended host. From my experience they are much better than GoDaddy, BlueHost, MediaTemple and Network Solutions( really???) – I have used all of those – and they have sponsored and helped with past WordCamps.

    Other than that I think its a good move by Automattic. Can’t imagine a ton of people flocking to use the service, but it’s good to know it is there if you need it.

    btw, you have Bluehost listed twice 😉

  2. The most interesting aspect of this is that Automattic seem to be ruling out any possibility of offering their own .org hosting. This signals to the hosting companies that the market is all theirs and frees them to heavily promote WordPress as their main, most recommended platform. Previously, it would not have made strategic sense for them to do so because anything they did to push the WordPress name could have blown back on them if Automattic decided to enter the mainstream hosting market.

  3. Anytime someone recommends GoDaddy as a reliable host, it makes me question their credibility. I love the folks over at Automattic and WordPress because of the “WordPress experience” which is something a lot of users enjoy.

    Having your sites hosted on GoDaddy is everything against WordPress experience and what it stands for.

    I second that HostGator should have been there. It is by far better than NetworkSolutions, GoDaddy, and Bluehost…

    • I agree. After all the problems (nightmares?) that GoDaddy and Network Solutions has had with WordPress installs (zomg hacks) that fact that would still recommend them is shocking – and disappointing.

      It would be a cold day in hell before I would recommend either of those to my clients.

      • Automattic is probably sharing expertise, teaching them how to correctly deploy WordPress and I’d guess that a certain level of technical competence is mandatory if hosts don’t want to get booted out of the scheme.

        You’ve got to presume that Godaddy don’t want to mess up again and it’s obviously in Automattic’s interests to make WordPress as smooth an experience as possible, both for hosts and users.

        Make no mistake, a lot is riding on this.

  4. It would be a cold day in hell before I would recommend either of those to my clients.

    Well put Jared. I’ve had to help several clients switch from Godaddy to other providers due to multiple issues with Godaddy and WordPress integration. Although I love the customer service that HostGator provides, I’ve had several issues with, from content loss in transfers, to corrupted backups on their servers. Not perfect, but easier to use than GoDaddy any day.

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