WordPress Foundation to provide cameras at WordCamp events

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Jane Wells announced the first official project of the WordPress Foundation: videocameras and recording equipment will be loaned out to WordCamps to make recording of sessions and events much easier, in order to distribute these to others who can’t attend WordCamp events.

After a failed experiment with Flip HD Slide cameras at WordCamp NYC 2010 (failed due to poor battery time, charging issues, and bad sound) the decision has been made to purchase recording kits containing Canon Vixia camcorders, expanding tripods, external microphones, and hard cases for transport. A user guide will be created for WordCamp organizers on the receiving end of the equipment.

Wells describes the current status of this new project:

We’re ordering the first of these kits now, and once we confirm that the components we’ve chosen are definitely the best ones for the job, we’ll buy more kits so that we can cover multiple tracks at the larger WordCamps and/or multiple smaller WordCamps. For now we’re going to begin with WordCamps in the U.S., but hope to expand this to support international events in the future.

Currently the cameras will only be available for US-based events, as the cost of shipping the equipment to international events is very expensive.

The WordPress Foundation first drew attention when it announced the transfer of the WordPress trademark, previously held by Automattic, to the WordPress Foundation.