WordPress for iOS version 2.6.3 is now in the App Store


We don’t typically cover every single minor release for WordPress projects. That would result in far too many posts, since some projects creep into version numbers like An update like that wouldn’t make for a good headline, or good reading.

But with WordPress for iOS 2.6.3 come fixes and updates that should fix yet more crash issues and trouble. The highlights in the latest version include:

  • Fix for multisite login issue.
  • Fix for crash when deleting media items.
  • Fix for occasional “Communication Error” for WordPress.org sites.
  • Fix for crash when selecting Pages tab after deleting a draft.
  • Fix for crash when entering settings during blog setup.
  • Fix for issues when uploading videos to WordPress.com without a VideoPress upgrade.
  • Fix for occasional NSXMLParserErrorDomain error for WordPress.org sites.
  • Fix for crash when replying to comments.

Fixes all around. But sometimes fix releases are the most exciting, right? Drop by the App Store and give the updated app a positive review, if you think so.

Now, the real question: how many of the crash issues above have effected your use of WordPress for iOS? Personally I experience the replying to comments crash pretty frequently. I think I’ll miss it.

3 thoughts on “WordPress for iOS version 2.6.3 is now in the App Store

  1. bought my wife and ipad recently hoping she could use it to blog… But she doesn’t know html… There’s no way the app can work for her… The world needs a tinymce for html5/tablets…

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