The new WordPress for iOS has some of the features you’ve been waiting for.


In the land of mobile blogging, there was an update for WordPress for iOS. And it brought much rejoicing.

That’s right, folks. Version 2.9 of WordPress for iOS is out. This time around, a few new features have been added. A shiny new content editor has appeared. It allows you to format text, make bulleted lists, create links and several other things. All of the formatting features can be found in a bar directly above the keyboard. But wait, there’s more!

Full screen editing is now available. That means no more typing in the tiny tiny space left after the keyboard and navigation are open. When you create a new post, or edit an existing one, the top navigation becomes hidden to give you a little extra room. Pressing Done on the keyboard brings it back and you’re good to go.

If you subscribe to blogs, the new Read feature will make your life easier. The new version adds a Read button to your blog list so you can quickly access the blogs you want to read.On top of the email notifications you get for new posts, you’ll receive notifications inside the app.You’ll also be able to manage blog subscriptions from within the app.

There’s a little more info on each of the features here. Once you click through, you’ll also see the feature updates included in this version. These include:

  • If supported, Quick Photo will use the image post format
  • Quick Photo support for photos you’ve already taken
  • Referrer and comment links will be available inside the app.

There are more updates and bug fixes available on the Version 2.9 Trac milestone.

How often do you use WordPress for iOS or other mobile OSs? Share your opinions with us in the comments.

3 thoughts on “The new WordPress for iOS has some of the features you’ve been waiting for.

  1. I was listening to a MacBreak Weekly podcast where Andy Ihnatko despaired of the WordPress iOS app ever being any good. I post a photo most every morning from my iPhone and have never had the crashing troubles he’s found. I’m very happy too find new the tools available in the text editor, and the Quick Photo is convenient and well thought out. The update however seems to have messed with my settings a bit – and it’s posting a larger version of the photo than it was doing the day before the update.

  2. I put a feature in my Formattd theme so that I could set post-formats from WordPress for iOS. I should turn just that one piece into a separate plugin that everyone could use for mobile blogging… It lets you set any post format from any mobile client (or any client using XML-RPC, really).

    Any interest in that?

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