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At last! A WordPress book for dummies! A little while ago, it was finally confirmed that the official WordPress For Dummies book will be available for purchase very, very soon!

From what I’ve read, the book is going to basically explain how to do everything with WordPress, from simple blogging using WordPress to making your own WordPress community. Sounds interesting huh? We’ll have to wait and see when it’s released!

Some key points the book will touch on will be:

  • Personalize WordPress Settings
  • Understand common template tags
  • Manage and moderate comments
  • Deal with comment and trackback spam
  • Troubleshoot common problems
  • Sign up for, set up and use a hosted blog at WordPress.com
  • Download, install, set up and use WordPress on your own web hosting account
  • Find, download, install and manage WordPress plugins
  • Learn and understand the “Loop”
  • Learn the ins and outs of simple template tags and theme creation
  • Download, install, configure, set up and use the WordPress MU software to create your own blog community/network

Now the question is, who’s going to be getting this? I know I probably will, just for fun, and I’ll probably write a review about it as well. It’s not even that expensive either! I haven’t seen a site selling it for over $22 or so.

Click here to read more about the book from the actual author!

6 thoughts on “WordPress For Dummies

  1. Michael – thank you for the mention! Got’cha on my feed reader now – you have a great site! Will be looking forward to that review if/when you get around to it. Take care!

  2. Hey Lisa! Thanks for stopping by! No problem for the mention, I’m pretty excited about the book!

    Thanks as well for getting the feed. I’m definitely planning on getting the book too. So I’ll make sure to let you know when the review is out!

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