WordPress for Android 2.0 is here, plus a new site design


It’s been a while in the works, but WordPress for Android 2.0 has finally been released. Heck, I drafted this entire post on my Android (edited on the PC), just to really take it for a test run. While I probably wouldn’t recommend it for huge posts, I got there in the end.

So what’s new? Well I’m glad you asked:

  • New UI: action bar and dashboard
  • New post editor
  • Tablet support
  • Stats chart improvements
  • Uploading posts in the background
  • WordPress.com Read Feature improvements
  • In post list, Post Status now displayed
  • Post Format support included
  • Reliability improvements and more general bug fixes

Be sure to check out the accompanying video for a hands-on feel of the new app.

Dan Roundhill, primary developer on WordPress for Android, made the announcement and thanked all the contributors and beta testers that made it possible. He also thanked Anirudh, a Google Summer of Code participant who worked on this app for his project.

In other news though, the WordPress for Android website has seen an update with a splash of color as well. You can see a small screenshot of part of the new look in the post image above.

Are you using the WordPress for Android app? If so do you like the update?

Update: Just a word of warning from the WordPress for Android team:

3 thoughts on “WordPress for Android 2.0 is here, plus a new site design

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  2. Such an amazing app! It actually makes blogging from a phone do-able. I love the direct integration with photos and video taken with my phone. And the fact that they didn’t leave out Android, as many app developers do, is notable. Like, like, like!

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