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During the last couples of days I’ve seen some pretty neat stuff coming from different blogs throughout the WordPress Community. The WordPress Community is a pretty big place. A while back, I read 0.8% of the Internet is powered by WordPress. Woah! Now, 0.8% may not seem a lot, but think about it, at least a couple hundred sites are created a day.

Anyway, I’ll be going through some cool WordPress related stuff you should check out!

Nyssa J. Brown’s Xpressions Emoticon Pack

Nyssa J. Brown, being the sweet designer she is, has created a free emoticon (smiley) pack for WordPress. They come in four different colors: yellow, blue, green, and gray. They’re definitely a change from the emotions that come with WordPress! So if you’re looking for some cool, free emoticons for your blog, check these out!


WPDesigner.com: New Design

After a good few weeks of designing and coding, Small Potato has released WPDesigner v8.0! The design got a bit more compact, focusing more on the content itself. With the new site design, Small Potato has also designed himself a logo! It’s definitely something worth taking at least a peak at.


PSDTuts.com: New Design

PSDTuts has also recently redesigned their Photoshop tutorial blog. The new design is a decent updated from the previous one. It’s a lot lighter (color wise), less cluttered, and focuses more on the content. Make sure to check it out!


KonvictedARTS.com: New Design

A good friend of mine, Suthan Sangaralingham has just redesigned his blog and portfolio, now using WordPress! He’s done a great job designing the site. In his upcoming posts, he’ll be talking about design and technology related topics. And look at that! WPCandy has been featured in their weekly features!


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  1. Thanks for the mention, Michael. 🙂

    And it seems everyone is redesigning at the moment! They all look good, though KonvictedART’s colour scheme is quite unique and tasty!

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