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It’s been a while since I’ve written a post due to my lack of internet access while away on vacation. What’s a vacation without sitting back, putting your feet up on a random coffee table somewhere, and browsing the web using Wifi? Pfft, not a vacation at all. Anyways, as soon as I got back (and bought a new 85-watt MacBook charger since I somehow misplaced my other one) I checked my RSS feeds and was overloaded with tons of new WordPress news! Here’s a wrap-up of what’s going on in the WordPress Community these days.

Things To Consider When Using WordPress as a CMS

Thord of Devlounge.net writes a detailed article on when to use WordPress as a CMS for sites that aren’t your ordinary blog. He also includes a checklist to see if WordPress is indeed the right CMS to use.

WordCamp NY

WordCamp is going East Cost style! If you live in the NY area, I definitely recommend you checking this event out. Dan and I may even be going!

WordCamp SF

WordCamp West Coast style! I’ve heard WordCamp SF’s have the biggest turn out, so if you live near there, definitely head over.

WLTC WordPress Plugin Competition: Cast Your Vote

If you’re interested in participating, cast your vote for your favorite plugin over at the Weblog Tools Collection Plugin Competition, where users have entered 45+ plugins. I must say, some of the plugins are pretty darn cool!

35+ Bug Fixes For WordPress 2.6.1

Looks like the Automattic team is working hard on WordPress 2.6.1. If you’ve had any type of bug or error with 2.6, make sure to submit a ticket to try and get it fixed.

Custom WordPress Hooks and Filters in Thematic 0.6

Ian explains how to use custom WordPress hooks and filters with his WordPress theme, Thematic version 0.6.

Using WordPress Image Captions

WordPress 2.6 allows users to add captions to images via the media uploader. Jim shows us how to do this with a quick and simple tutorial.

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