WordPress.com team refreshes their .com support page

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WordPress.com, the popular hosted blogging platform run from Automattic, refreshed the design of their support page the other day. The previous design featured a number of lists full of links, and was a bit overwhelming. In his post, Happiness Engineer Andrew Spittle explained that they looked at data about where people would run into the most problems with WordPress.com and redesigned the support page in response.

The refresh comparison is posted, in full, just below the jump.

The old page is on the left, the new on the right (click for larger):

It’s not often that support, or documentation in general, is given much attention — let alone redesign attention. What do you think of the new support page at WordPress.com, and does it inspire you to revisit any of your own support documentation? (Or, hey, the WordPress Codex even?)

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