WordPress.com Stats ditch Flash for Flot


WordPress.com Stats has been redesigned with the Flot Javascript plotting library replacing Flash. The move to Flot means stats can now be viewed on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

The update also brings an improved user interface and more options for customizing the page. It’s now possible for each module to be moved, opened, closed or hidden completely so that users can view the stats that are most important to them.

The stats chart itself has also been changed from a line graph to a bar graph:

“During the redesign we went with bar charts because the end of one day and the beginning of another shouldn’t be connected. Each day starts at zero and we think bar charts work much better for this type of data. We hope you’ll agree once you get used to the change.”

The new changes will also eventually be available to users of the self-hosted Stats plugin.

2 thoughts on “WordPress.com Stats ditch Flash for Flot

  1. It already is and it’s a nice change !
    I used ClickToFlash on Safari : no need to say I didn’t watch my stat much of the time. I’m back to my old stat addic now and it’s a nice change.
    Also, the colors are better : less agressive I think 🙂

    • Same here, Mary. Several of us on the team block Flash on the desktop or frequently browse on our iPads, and seeing an empty hole where the chart should be was a bummer! Glad you’re enjoying the new design.

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