Celebrate doubled signups with snow on WordPress.com

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WordPress.com snow

Automattic has plenty to celebrate this Christmas season.  There has been a dramatic increase in signups on WordPress.com in the last few months.  Ryan Markel announced on the WordPress.com blog that signups have gone from about 400,000 per month to more than 900,000.

WordPress is giving much of the credit to the transition of Live Spaces users announced in September, despite reports that Live Spaces had far fewer active users than the 30 million originally advertised.  We do know that 50,000 users switched very quickly, and perhaps the Spaces migration helped spur others to choose WordPress over competition like Blogger and Tumblr.  Based on our own look into WordPress market share numbers, we know that Matt Mullenweg’s creation has quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

It’s tough to say definitively why the jump in registrations, but it is reason to be jolly!  And in spirit of the season, it is snowing today at WordPress.com. The little tradition started in December 2007, and they provide instructions on how to do it on your own .com account too.  For the .org users out there, there’s a plugin to accomplish the task.