WordPress.com got a facelift


The WordPress.com homepage has a purrty new look for logged out users. The team at Automattic created a more modern look that targets potential new users directly. The post image above is from one of the new slides letting users know that WordPress.com is a perfect place to blog your cat pictures. There are a few other slides for other… umm, niches.

The new design also shows a couple of random themes from the .com theme showcase (which also just got a small redesign and some performance enhancements) as samples of what is available. And there’s a fancy graphic for all the networks you can share content on from within the platform. The option to enable a custom domain is also highly visible.

In case you are wondering, the headline font on the new design is Lato Ultra-Light, which in my non-designer-and-therefore-worthless-opinion, looks delicious.

Go give it a look if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s likely many WPCandy readers are logged into WP.com most of the time, but now you know what your friends will see when you recommend to them the easiest way to get started with a blog.

edit: I’ve learned (thanks Matt Thomas!) Joen Asmussen was primarily responsible for the redesign. Go say hi to him on Twitter if you liked his work!

5 thoughts on “WordPress.com got a facelift

  1. I assumed something was wrong initially as it looked like just a boring old list of links. Seems to be a long delay on the images loading. Looks nice when they do though 🙂

  2. Hey thanks for the nice words! Matt Thomas is overly gracious, though, the new design is simply a combination of disparate ideas thrown around by all the wp.com designers (including Matt Thomas himself), and it’s likely to have more input in the coming weeks. Including to eliminate that flash of links Ryan above mentioned 🙂

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