WordPress.com launches FoodPress, showcase of food-related posts

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Automattic launched a new blog on WordPress.com called FoodPress, an aggregation of quality food-related posts on WordPress.com. This is their first entry into aggregated user content driven websites.

In a new partnership with Federated Media and along with FoodPress editor Jane Maynard, WordPress.com hopes the site will be the “go-to destination for the hottest dishes from WordPress.com bloggers.”

All content on FoodPress is chosen by Maynard, mostly by reviewing tag pages on WordPress.com like food, recipes, baking, and cocktails. Those interested in being featured on FoodPress are encouraged to use tags like these in their posts.

The future of FoodPress

Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic, said on his blog:

FoodPress is a new collection of the best WordPress food writing in the world, right now from .com only.

It’s likely that not only will FoodPress likely pull from other WordPress blogs outside of WordPress.com in the future, but that Automattic will over time add additional aggregation sites to WordPress.com.

What do you think would make for a worthwhile topic to aggregate on WordPress.com?