WordPress.com in Nielsen’s Top 10 for Social Networks/Blogs

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Nielsen recently announced their Top 10 of 2011 reports, and included was their report on the Top 10 U.S. Social Networks and Blogs. Facebook at number one is no surprise. But a close follow-up is Blogger, which is Google’s competitor to WordPress.com. Ranked two below Blogger is WordPress.com, with an average of 20 million uniques per month. To me, this number seems awfully low, compared to Quantcast, which WordPress.com utilizes as a direct measurement tool. Quantcast shows more than twice that, with a number higher than 52 million.

So according to Nielsen, WordPress.com is less than half the size of its competitor, Blogger. Quantcast estimates Blogger has roughly the same number of uniques, but three times as many visitors (300 million from Blogger and 100 million from WordPress.com).

Let’s jump down to number seven, Tumblr.com, which is reporting 10.8M uniques per month, and compare them to WordPress.com numbers. In June of this year, Tumblr had just passed 20 million hosted blogs. Today, WordPress.com is hosting roughly 30 million blogs, according to its own stats.

I think it’s fair to say that WordPress.com has stacked up well against two of its biggest competitors, Blogger and Tumblr. What do you think about WordPress.com’s growth and how it fairs compared to the competition?

One thought on “WordPress.com in Nielsen’s Top 10 for Social Networks/Blogs

  1. I’m finding the general non-web community know of WordPress so much more than a year ago.

    As an example, I was in a country town in rural Victoria population 72 and got chatting to the General Store owner. I told him I design websites and he then said “I might be interested in a website, would you use WordPress?’.

    When you’ve got guys like that knowing about WordPress you know you’re on a winner.

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