WordPress board game played at WordCamp Indonesia, worldwide soon


The world has seen WordPress in some crazy places. WordPress has been burned into skin, sculpted into jewelry, and baked into cakes. But a WordPress board game? Now that’s just crazy talk.

WordCamp Indonesia embraced that crazy talk at their event in January, designating time during their unconference for WordPress users to excercise their playful sides by…playing a game about working with WordPress. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s more fun then it sounds like:

In the game, each player takes a role as a web developer who works on a team to set a new blog by implementing the WordPress engine. Each player need to set the optimal combination of plugins. It sounds easy, right? But there are some elements on the game that will make that simple task much more challenging. There are 3 dices that represent the request from the boss that the player must obey – some time those will destroy all the work. When to cooperate and when to compete is another challenge that each player need to solve.

I take it back. Every household needs the WordPress board game. It should be sitting between Battleship and Sorry! on every child’s game shelf. And a well preserved note should be attached to it explaining just what it’s all about to future archaeologists.

In any case the WordPress board game will be available, it seems, to anyone soon at BoardPress.

For those playing along at home, rejected titles for this post included: Do not pass Go, do not capitalize your “p” and It was @nacinbot in the library with the candlestick.

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