New Backup to Dropbox plugin backs up your WordPress site for free


Developer Michael Dewildt released a new plugin this week called WordPress Backup to Dropbox that will automatically create backups of your blog and upload them to your Dropbox account. About the plugin’s design and purpose, Dewildt said:

This has been created to give you piece of mind that your blog is backed up on a regular basis.
Just choose a day, time and how often you wish yor backup to be performed and kick back and wait for a zipped archive of your websites files and its database to be dropped in your Dropbox!

While not the only way to back up a WordPress site (we’ve talked about others before), Backup to Dropbox does join a short list of free WordPress backup options. With nearly 1,000 downloads yet this week, it seems to be pretty popular in the community so far.

What do you think? Will you give this plugin a shot and back your site up using Dropbox?

20 thoughts on “New Backup to Dropbox plugin backs up your WordPress site for free

  1. Was waiting for PluginBuddy’s BackupBuddy plugin to offer this in the latest release but sadly they didn’t include it for some reason.

    So I’ll definitely be checking this out. Loads of people want this even despite DropBox recent bad press over security/encryption.

    Thanks for all you do and the enjoyable podcast!

    • Technically there is no roadblock but currently BackupBuddy does not include Dropbox integration due to convoluted licensing issues which it was considered would be too onerous and restrictive on users. Perhaps if enough BackupBuddy users (or prospective users) made a noise in the direction of the Dropbox folk then they might revisit this situation.

  2. Looks like a great tool – will check it out. The capability of backing up both website and database files is a big plus; the tool I’m currently using for automated backups only backs up the database. 🙁


  3. Working nice, good work.

    I’ve added Dropbox support to BackWpUp plugin, also free.

    Dropbox is an excellent solution for small blog offsite backup.

    • BackWpUp is the best backup plugin I’ve found and is free. I’m using it backup sites both on ‘local’ FTP server and to external Amazon AWS. Thanks so much for developing it!

  4. Awesome. I’ve installed it on one of my sites to test, so we’ll see. I’ll check out zili’s plugin, too… very cool stuff, folks!

  5. Fantastic! I backup daily to S3 but Dropbox is a great option too (I pay for the 50GB a year plan and thanks to all kinds of great affiliate signups have another 26GB on top of that).

  6. Hi Ryan
    Too true I’ll give it a go.

    “a zipped archive of your websites files and its database to be dropped in your Dropbox”

    Website files and database! That’s fantastic.

    At the moment I FTP my site files then I use phpMyAdmin to backup my database.
    This plugin sounds fantastic and files not stored on my own PC.

  7. I downloaded this yesterday to give it a shot but nothing shows up in dropbox. I am not sure if my site is too big for the program or what. Is there a way to tell what the limitations are?

    • This is probably because your PHP installation is killing the plugin’s processes for either taking too long or using too much memory. Your hosting provider is the best place to figure out how to do this (as it varies), but you basically need to ensure that in your php.ini your limits for max_execution_time and memory_limit are set fairly high. (I’ve been using 3600 and 128M and the process stopped getting killed for me.)

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  9. @Maria – I think you’ll find it’s just a backup solution and doesn’t provide any functionality for migrating/cloning a site to a new url.

  10. The BackupBuddy plugin as mentioned earlier in the comments provides a backup/restore/migrate capability – – it’s not free though if that’s what you are after but it is widely used. You can check out various product details and ask any questions on the pre-sales forum. It does provide Dropbox support now but there are limitations imposed by the Dropbox API – if you are looking to do anything serious I would always recommend S3.

    There are other non-free products that can assist with migrations that you can find by doing a google for WordPress backup solutions which will bring up various round-ups of such. I’m not personally aware of any free backup/restore/migrate tool but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any – but also consider things like support which can be very important 🙂

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