Ronald Huereca’s “WordPress and Ajax” is now downloadable and free


Ronald Huereca is a WordPress developer who was recently hired to the PluginBuddy team. He is also the author of WordPress and Ajax, which we’ve mentioned before (and reviewed). Over the weekend he decided to make the book free to download in its PDF form, along with code samples.

Of course the print version of the books is still available via Amazon, which is helpful if you want to hold WordPress knowledge between your physical fingers.

Along with other credits at the front of the second edition, WPCandy receives a thoughtful shout out for spreading the word about the book. Cool!

Have you dug into Huereca’s book yet? Will the new price tag of free entice you to crack it open?

6 thoughts on “Ronald Huereca’s “WordPress and Ajax” is now downloadable and free

  1. I love the confidence being projected here. I for one can’t do anything with e-books, so this model works nicely for readers like me (who may skim the PDF but then purchase the hard copy).

    Downloading now, thanks Ronald!

  2. I had bought the digital version and it’s really one of the best resources out there if you’re doing any WordPress development. I don’t think its a confidence thing that he put it up for free based on the email he sent out to his list. It’s good to see it available for free though, that means more people will apply proper practices for including ajax functionality into plugins and themes.

    I actually think the problem with pdfs and hard copies of WP books is that they aren’t as convenient as online tutorials. Online tutorials can be updated and keep fresh, the comment section usually adds a great deal of useful information and you can often get answers from the author if you have questions.

    I have the recent professional guide to plugin development (kindle version) and I can’t really count on being able to ask questions to the authors and it’s hard to find a discussion around the topics in the book. We are almost into WordPress 3.2 and that book will get more dated as time passes. I don’t mind paying for good education but it’s ironic that it’s not as convenient as free online tutorials.

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