WordPress books released just for security buffs, web design gurus, and dummies


Lisa Sabin-Wilson is making an appearance on WPCandy again! She’s just announced the release of her new WordPress book, WordPress Web Design For Dummies. You can pick it up on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or just about anywhere you can buy the For Dummies books, even those grand old brick-and-mortar stores. It’s also available for the Nook and Kindle, perfect for the dummy-on-the-go.

Also this month, Olly Connelly and Packt Publishing are taking an interest in security with their release of WordPress 3 Ultimate Security. This book’s purpose is to show you how to protect yourself from a security disaster and how to recover once you’ve been attacked. It’s available directly from Packt Publishing as well as on Amazon.

Do you have either of these new books yet? What do you spend the most time reading in paperback?

7 thoughts on “WordPress books released just for security buffs, web design gurus, and dummies

  1. “WordPress 3 Ultimate Security”

    Really? WordPress 3? Really?!?

    I will never buy a book from a purported WordPress expert who can’t even get the WordPress versioning nomenclature correct.

    /pet peeve rant

  2. Not sure what you’re on about Chip. The name of the book is WordPress 3 Ultimate Security.

    Anyway, this article missed the big news, which is Packt Publishing is having a 5 for $45 this month on all of their ebooks.

    • There is no such thing as “Version 3” of WordPress. Major WordPress versions are “X.Y”. So, there is a Version 3.0 of WordPress, and a Version 3.1 of WordPress, and soon there will be a Version 3.2 of WordPress.

      But “WordPress Version 3” has absolutely no meaning, whatsoever.

      • I would’ve been more convinced with “WordPress 3.X Ultimate Security” It would have shown an attempt to address the entire 3.X branch (even though I doubt that would be possible given the major changes between 3.1 and 3.2 – PHP5).

        I’m just hesitant to buy and “definitive” or “ultimate” book about WordPress from someone who I haven’t actually seen around in the WP community. If the author is active, then he should do a better job of matching his real name to whatever handle he goes by on the forums, on IRC, on wp-hackers, on Trac, etc …

        • The naming of the book is textbook Packt (pardon the pun). The summary of the book is actually pretty solid — I’m going to ask for a copy so I can review it.

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