WordPress 3.5 (tentative) scope coming together, release due December 5


WordPress 3.5, the next version of our beloved content management system, has a release date set: December 5th, 2012. For those keeping score at home, that’s just a scant five months away. Release leader Andrew Nacin announced the date during Wednesday’s developer chat, where a rough scope for 3.5 was also laid out.

Keep in mind that the list below is only tentative, and the final scope hasn’t quite yet come together. But, I can say the following things were discussed by contributors during the Wednesday chat:

  • New default theme Twenty Twelve (more on that soon)
  • User interface and experience tweaks, mostly matching up the discussions going on over at Make.WordPress.org/UI lately
  • Updates to the customizer including header/background image handling and menus
  • Removal of the link manager
  • Gallery management and revamped upload/insert workflows

Anyone excited yet? I am.

Okay, yes, the feature scope is only tentative — emphasis Andrew Nacin’s. You can read through the full IRC log from Wednesday if you like; that’s where I pulled the screenshot above from.

Which aspects of the 3.5 scope excite you the most? Will you be stepping forward to contribute to this next development cycle?

19 thoughts on “WordPress 3.5 (tentative) scope coming together, release due December 5

  1. I was literally just wondering yesterday when they were going to remove the link manager. I am surprised it has lasted this long since I haven’t met a single person to this day that uses it.

      • One course of action mentioned during the chat (which I’d bet on happening) would be moving the link manager itself into a plugin. I don’t think anyone wants to see it axed completely, since there are those that do use it.

      • The plan is that it won’t be removed without some kind of replacement, although who knows yet exactly what it’ll be — probably something like a plugin to handle existing installs & those who want to add it optionally (with the usual disclaimers about tentative scope is tentative)

    • Seems there are lots of ideas for the long term, but all the talks during the dev chat kept returning to iterative changes that aren’t too big to swallow for a single release. I’m excited to see what this will look like in five months, personally.

    • Definitely! The drag n’ drop was definitely a great update and any minor changes made to the insert options could only be for the better.

  2. Gallery management and revamped upload/insert workflows

    From a user’s perspective, this is the single most overdue enhancement in WordPress. It gets bumped with every release because it’s such a beast to tackle. I’m also glad to hear that it’s likely to move back into an inline placement rather than the clunky lightbox.

  3. Link manager – In all my years I’ve never used it in anger.
    Curiously i’ve just taken over a project that totally relies on it!

    Gallery/ media: definitely an area that is falling behind so 2 thumbs up to seeing this getting some attention.

    Customizer: meehh … I have to bite my tongue on this one as It’s an area I can’t agree with. Lovely, but never used by me/ my clients.

    December 5: Bring it on!

  4. I have to say that I’m more interested in the proposed introduction of a WP_Post class, though I’m not sure it falls directly into the 3.5 scope. One thing I was disappointed to see mentions of was the plan to move admin themes out to a plugin, which would open the door for Accessibility themes and a lot more control over look and feel.

    I understand tackling the Widgets workflow is the big elephant in the room but I would consider that to be the next logical step in integrating settings panels into the Customizer. Maybe in 3.6.

    As for media management thickbox workflows, yeah, that’s pretty overdue, but I’ll be interested to see what introducing contextual workflows does for usability.

  5. Can’t wait for 3.5!!! 🙂

    I love that Nacin’s put in the ground work for overhauling the Media Library too. It’s been a long time coming. 3.5 is pretty damn exciting based on the dev chat. The next 3 major releases for WordPress are gonna be amazing methinks!

  6. I’ve used the links manager on quite a few occasions and found it can be quite useful so I’d be disappointed to see it removed. 3.4 even introduced a very subtle change to the links widget, whereby you can now choose what field to sort on, which makes it heaps more useful.

    Really looking forward to seeing some improvement in the gallery management. That’s very long overdue.

    Bring on Dec 5!

    • Yeah I’ve used it a couple of times as well. Most of the time I never use it and it confuses clients so I’ve removed it from the backend. The functionality is awesome when you need it but it’ll definitely be better as a plugin to clean up the backend. It’ll also remove one more table in the database which is kickarse!

      I can’t wait for Dec 5 either 🙂 It’s gonna be a massive release!

  7. I will be very sorry to see the link manager go away. I make extensive use of it. What will happen to all the links I have there? Will they be deleted. I think it is a very strange decision. Isn’t one of WordPress main advantages backward compatibility? This decision is a not in line with that. I hope they will reconsider.

  8. The current scope for WordPress 3.5 is pretty exciting!

    I am personally looking forward to seeing the Media Library changes and the Link Manager removal. I’ve been surprised to see some people really don’t want to lose the Link Manager… I guess Mark Jaquith’s quote “‘But I love the link manager. I use it all the time!’ ~ No one, ever.” wasn’t 100% on the money! 😉

  9. Finally!

    Link manager removal – I won’t have to do it manually.
    Media management – there’s definitely a room for improvement especially in attachment to post and gallery relation – that’s why we have Nextgen so popular I think. So great to hear the changes are coming.
    Customizer – nicely built but… useless 🙂
    The UI – it’s very good I think, but making it less “cartooney” – as someone wrote – will make it even better.

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