WordPress 3.4 sees over 28 million downloads in its life cycle


WordPress 3.5 should be dropping any time now, with RC3 and RC4 both released in the last couple of days. It’s only fitting to take a look at the WordPress.org download counter to see just how many times 3.4 has been released before it gets replaced by its successor. That number is 28 million. WordPress 3.4 has been downloaded over 28 million times since its release back in June.

For the math junkies out there, that’s approximately 160,000 downloads every day of its availability. Or nearly two downloads per second.┬áBy comparison, WordPress 3.3 saw just over 21 million downloads in about the same amount of time.

We should be able to start counting up WordPress 3.5 downloads real, real soon. Everyone ready for the big update?

7 thoughts on “WordPress 3.4 sees over 28 million downloads in its life cycle

  1. I wonder if that number takes into consideration the following:

    1) Dashboard upgrades – I haven’t downloaded the .zip file in over a year or more
    2) Fantastico/other Control Panel software

  2. Similar to Miroslav, I download it once and update ~100 sites. 28 million is quite impressive, and even moreso when you realize that the actual number is likely quite a bit higher.

    • If you use a lot of plugins that you don’t have a whole lot of knowledge about, then checking to be sure that those plugins have updated and will work might be a good idea.

      Of course, if those plugins don’t update or are not actively maintained, then it might be a good time to look for alternatives to them.

      Either way, there have been very few major reports of issues during the day. A few plugins with minor problems. Minor upgrade hiccup due to the wordpress.org server this morning. Nothing critical thus far.

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