WordPress 3.4 hits Beta 4, edges ever closer to a final version


Late last night, right around the time we wrapped up recording WP Late Night #7 with Joshua Strebel, WordPress Lead Developer Ryan Boren broke the news of 3.4 Beta 4 on the WordPress news blog. His post was beautifully brief, so much so that I don’t feel bad quoting it in its entirety here:

Less bugs, more polish, the same beta disclaimers. Download, test, report bugs. Thanks much. /ryan #thewholebrevitything

Can’t beat that, right? For those seeking more than brevity, though, here are a few things you might want to know. First, the list of tickets for the 3.4 milestone on Trac is getting smaller and smaller, now entirely fitting on a single (large) monitor. Second, you should remember how to handle betas, and of course don’t run it live. Third, it’s about that time to start taking bets on just when 3.4 final will land in the comments below.

By the way, who’s been testing the new version so far? What do you think of the theme customizer?

2 thoughts on “WordPress 3.4 hits Beta 4, edges ever closer to a final version

  1. Do I think the Customizer is a fantastic way for people to preview and configure themes before they’re activated? Absolutely. Do I think this feature warrants a link in the Toolbar under Appearance? Absolutely not. How often are you going to be using this tool once you’ve activated the theme you want?

  2. @ Drew Jaynes: Putting it under Appearance makes absolute sense, since you’re customizing the theme’s visuals. By putting this new tool in a prominent place, it also shows that WordPress is staying on top of trends. Tumblr, SquareSpace, and even Blogger (I think?) have very similar customization screens for themes. It makes sense for WordPress to do the same.

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