WordPress 3.3, codenamed “Sonny”, is out


WordPress 3.3, development upon which began as early as July, was put to bed just minutes ago. In other words: get to downloadin’ and updatin’.

3.3 final is nicknamed “Sonny” after the jazz player Sonny Stitt, so if you’d like to really get in the spirit go grab some of his best hits to play in the background while updating all of your WordPress sites.

Some fun facts about this release, since everyone loves fun facts:

  • WordPress 3.3 was in development for four months and 15 days (or 138 days in total).
  • This version saw over 1,200 individual changes to WordPress.
  • WordPress has been downloaded 65 million times since 3.0 was released.
  • WordPress 3.3 is being download a bunch. Just go watch the counter.
  • WordPress 3.3 saw nearly 180 total contributors, 25 of which were Automattic employees.

There’s a lot in this release that will be better experienced than explained: the drag and drop uploader, new hover Dashboard navigation, an updated admin bar, improved co-editing support, the new welcome screen, revamped help tabs, and new feature pointers. To name a few. Then there are those features that you might want some additional guidance on: the new editor API, jQuery 1.7, and more efficient permalinks.

We’ll have you covered on both counts with a full feature overview post (very soon). I’ve even heard whispers of a First Taste on the way for WordPress 3.3, so stay tuned.

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  1. Noticed that dashboards are white screening with Popup Domination plugin installed …. just a heads up in case your dashboard white screens and you use this plugin ….

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