WordPress 3.3 scope published, includes media updates and a responsive Dashboard


The WordPress Weekly Developer Chat was held on Wednesday, and during it the final scope for version 3.3 was determined and published. While it shouldn’t be seen as exactly what we can expect out of the next version of WordPress (likely out sometime in November), it’s the declared goal for this release cycle.

You can visit the development blog post for details, but in short the next version should bring:

  • Enhancements to the media uploader
  • A special experience for new users (likely not Clippy)
  • Responsive Dashboard for larger monitors and other devices
  • Improvements to the admin bar
  • Various internal performance improvements, including permalink structures and menus
  • Improvements to the meta and settings API
  • Inclusion of language packs (a GSOC project)
  • Enhancements to automatic upgrades

That’s the end of the list of primary goals, though a few others made a short list of secondary items which are mostly slated for activity in version 3.4. There are still a number of ways to get involved, so don’t hesitate to visit the blog post and chime in.

One thing I’m curious about: are you seeing anything in this list that you’re particularly excited about? Did you hope that any of these issues would be tackled in 3.3, or sometime soon?

From the forum:

Just for fun: What would you like to see in WordPress 3.3?

Started by Ryan Imel on July 4, 2011

15 thoughts on “WordPress 3.3 scope published, includes media updates and a responsive Dashboard

    • get yoast’s seo plugin if you want very finite control. if you just want basic stuff get all in one seo plugin. The bigger frameworks add that in but I doubt WP will add that to core, and if they ever did it wouldn’t be any time soon.

  1. As long as HTML5 precedes everything else for the pluload runtimes. I know it’s all about graceful degradation but I think we really should push forward with the admin. Flash can always be a fallback for older browsers.

  2. I wonder if it will be possible to customize the “special experience for new users”. Someone will probably make a clippy plugin 😀
    but it could be useful for clients to have a “tour” of a custom theme

  3. Improvements for the Media uploader seem to have been on the back burner for several releases now. Glad to see it listed for 3.3. I suspect there’s a reason why it was #1 on the list 🙂

    Does anyone still use Links?

    It seems to me to be one of those features that had its place once-upon-a-time but its capabilities seem too closely related to Menus these days…and now that “Link” is an official Post Format in 3.1 it seems even less necessary to take a top-level spot in my Admin sidebar.

    Anyone still using Links in a creative way?


  4. The BEST thing coming out of this release is going to be “Various internal performance improvements, including permalink structures”. The permalink performance hit has been a MAJOR issue with WP being seen as a valid CMS to those outside of the WP community. That is big and I hate that it’s taken this long to attend to it. But very excited about it.

    • I totally agree with permalink performance being a great feature, as Nacin has said previously, you can try and teach people about this until you are blue in the face but there are too many posts and tutorials out there telling people they should use the /%postname%/ structure.

  5. For me, WordPress is crying out for a Document Management System similar to the Media management. The final push to a more complete CMS system. Yes there is “okay” plugins for it, however in my opinion it should be part of the core.

  6. Hmm, special experience, eh? I’m interested. I was kind of hoping to see some tighter integration of custom post types. I’m not sure exactly how, but maybe they’ll get some attention in 4.0.

    Permalink attention is HUGE. Let me put it this way, anything that puts WordPress closer to being known as the world’s foremost CMS over blogging platform is big for me.

  7. What I’d really like to see is the ability to pass a parameter to the wp_nav_menu function to specify what level of menu items to display. For example, global nav shows the first level items and the sidebar nav shows only items starting at the second level. This would hopefully allow for complete control over current page menu states.

  8. I would like to see extensive performance improvements and the language packs inclusion is something I’ve been waiting for … I think these two are really good features …

  9. I’d love to see a media management system that provides access to sub folders so I can separate image content that is reused. Digging through hundreds of pages for images used in the featured image area is a real pain. Having them all in one sub directory folder would be a god-send.

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