WordPress 3.3 RC3, hopefully the last, has been released


You might have thought the release of 3.3 RC2 was the last before the final release this cycle. If you did you’d be wrong, since I bring you news of Release Candidate 3 announced over the weekend. Jane Wells handled the announcement, and let us know just how close we are to the final version of 3.3:

The third (and hopefully final!) release candidate for WordPress 3.3 is now available. Since RC2, we’ve done a handful of last-minute tweaks and bugfixes that we felt were necessary.

Our goal is to release version 3.3 early next week, so plugin and theme authors, this is your last pre-release chance to test your plugins and themes to find any compatibility issues before the final release.

If you want my guess, I’m predicting Tuesday or Wednesday. What’s your bet?

As uaual, if you’ve spotted a bug you can make it known in the Alpha/Beta section of the support forum or head on over to WordPress Trac and file the bug report there. You’re also reminded to check out the important things you’ll need to know, that are published on the development blog.

2 thoughts on “WordPress 3.3 RC3, hopefully the last, has been released

  1. Frankly, I think it’s silly to keep posting updates on unreleased versions of WP.
    Just google it and you’ll see that just about every WP related site talks about every rc release.
    Please.. stop!
    Anyone who actually cares is following the WP blog directly, don’t you think?

    If you actually have some commentary relating to it, then go ahead and post.
    But I think it’s lame to keep reporting in a “me too” way.

    • Fair point, they aren’t the most into-rich posts that we publish. I’ve considered what you’re saying before. But there’s also purpose behind posting this type of news.

      Some folks do rely on WPCandy for their WordPress news, which is why we try to post as much useful stuff as we we possibly can, even stuff that shows up on WordPress.org. Even if everyone sees it on .org as well as here, they don’t have the opportunity to comment on the news on .org the way they do here (which is the way it should be). If nothing else, the open forum for discussion is a reason to talk about that news here.

      And if we stopped blogging about anything that shows up on other sites there would be far fewer things to talk about. We could assume that whoever cares about that news would already be paying attention to the appropriate blog. Instead, we try to cover all the news we can on WPCandy so that folks can count on it for everything.

      I’m not looking to argue or anything — I just wanted to explain my thoughts on it, and let you know that I have thought about this sort of thing before.

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