Feel that chill? Oh, the WordPress 3.3 feature freeze is now in effect


The WordPress 3.3 “feature freeze” is now in effect, which means no more features will be added to this particular release of WordPress. The week before complete feature freeze took effect only the lead developers could commit new features to 3.3, but now that period is over as well. If your favorite feature hasn’t been reviewed, with a patch ready to go, you can expect it to be bumped to the 3.4 development cycle.

WordPress User Experience Lead Jane Wells announced the onset of the freeze on the WordPress Development blog, which came a week later than intended:

We were supposed to have freeze a week ago for everything being worked on by contributors, then a week for the core team to do a scrub and commit or punt all those enhancement/feature request tickets as well as finishing up their own 3.3 feature dev before full on freeze today. We gave contributors some extra time at last week’s dev chat as there were some features not quite ready (HTML emails, Settings CSS, etc). Sadly, the extra time didn’t lead to commits, and now we’re just a week behind. So!

The feature freeze taking place now is right in line with wrapping and releasing 3.3 by November 29, the current target date as per the 3.3 project schedule. The end of October should see the release of Release Candidate 1, followed by the full launch at the end of November.

The next big target is a beta release and code freeze on October 5. After the first beta all work will be focused entirely on bug fixes to ensure a stable release.

Assuming the schedule is kept, 3.3 will be the third major release of WordPress in 2011: first 3.1 Reinhardt in February, then 3.2 Gershwin in July, and finally the currently unnamed 3.3 release in November. Remember that you can track our coverage of the WordPress 3.3 development cycle as well.

You be the judge: is it time to start proposing jazz musicians to nickname this release cycle?

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