WordPress 3.3 could be here as early as 15th November


WordPress 3.2 was only released 18 days ago, but the schedule for version 3.3 has been published, and we could be seeing WordPress 3.3 as early as Tuesday the 15th of November (the target date), with a beta somewhere around the end of September.

A number of tickets have already been fixed for the 3.3 Milestone, some of which include switching the administration to a HTML5 doctype, proper I10n of Admin Color Scheme Titles, along with simple bug fixes or typos.

With that it also brings many new and exciting tickets that are still being worked on, and I’d hedge me bets they’ll be in for 3.3 because they’ve been “blessed” in Trac, some of which include making the %postname% permalink better for performance, introducing a meta box class with basic API and adding in a welcome screen (though whether Clippy will be implemented is still to be seen).

The planned features and enhancements have yet to be confirmed, but it looks like that will happen at the next Developer Chat on Wednesday. In a tweet from Andrew Nacin the other day, it would appear that certain features are being passed around Core Developers for discussion.

The majority of our users on WPCandy Discussions would like to see a Media Overhaul along with a number of other things. Of what has been mentioned here, what sounds most interesting to you?

8 thoughts on “WordPress 3.3 could be here as early as 15th November

  1. A welcome screen is a bad idea. They just need to put some work into the dashboard for the sort of stuff they are talking about in the ticket.

      • The sort of information mentioned in the ticket could just be implemented into the dashboard, as I mentioned. After all, isn’t the dashboard a welcome screen of sorts. If what is needed grows beyond one dashboard screen, things could be organized as sub menus under the dashboard heading.

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