WordPress 3.3 Beta 3 available, now with jQuery 1.7 in core

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WordPress 3.3 Beta 3 has been announced, which means local and test installs all over the planet should be clicking on to give this new one a go. You should test with your themes and plugins, particularly if you’re a developer of one that uses jQuery since this release includes jQuery 1.7. We’re not quite at the stage for a Release Candidate yet, but we’ll get there shortly.

In Jane Wells’ announcement she mentioned that there have been 200 commits made since beta 2. Now it’s all about bug fixing, not adding in any new features. Everything will just get a little prettier as more developers squash bugs and make fixes. She goes on to say:

As always, plugin and theme authors, PLEASE test your code against the beta so you can catch any incompatibilities now rather than after your users update their WordPress installation and find bugs for you. This time we really mean it, especially if your plugin uses jQuery. We’ve now updated to jQuery 1.7 in core, so please please pretty please check your plugins and themes against beta 3.

Even if you’re not a developer, why not try out your favourite plugins on a test install and let the developer know if you do encounter a problem? That will allow them to check things out before the official release of WordPress 3.3, which is still targeted for November.

Have you updated your test install to beta 3 and started the search for bugs? If you do find one – pesky little things – head on over to the alpha/beta section of the WordPress Forums to see if others are reporting the same thing, or ping the wp-testers mailing list if it’s worthwhile.