WordPress 3.2 will bring freedoms and credits to the Dashboard


Along with the visual changes and overall speed improvements that are on their way in WordPress version 3.2, it looks like two new community-focused pages will be added via the Dashboard footer: Freedoms and Credits.

The Freedoms page currently describes the freedoms that the GPL license provides, followed by encouragement to spread the word and continue using GPL software:

Every plugin and theme in WordPress.org’s directory is 100% GPL or a similarly free and compatible license, so you can feel safe finding plugins and themes there. If you get a plugin or theme from another source, make sure to ask them if it’s GPL first. If they don’t respect the WordPress license, we don’t recommend them.

The new Credits page will list off the current project leaders, core team, a special selection of “recent rockstars”, and a list of the rest of the contributors for the current version of WordPress. Along with the various credits is a prompt at the bottom of the page that says “Want to see your name in lights on this page? Get involved in WordPress.”

You can take a look at both of these new pages in their current version (as of this morning) using the gallery below.

Gallery: New screens coming to WordPress 3.2

What do you think of these new pages? Will they encourage new folks to contribute to WordPress in order to see themselves recognized on Dashboards? And will they become more aware of the freedoms they are granted by the GPL?

Editor’s note: This information is pulled from the WordPress Trac, which is about as early in the stages of planning/development as you can get. Well, except the mind itself. But until we can perfect our mind reading techniques here at WPCandy, which would undoubtedly increase the provocativeness of our blog posts, we have to rely on Trac tickets for early WordPress project movements. All of this is to say: take what is reported here with a grain of salt, since it could end up not happening. And try to limit those terrible, terrible thoughts of yours.

9 thoughts on “WordPress 3.2 will bring freedoms and credits to the Dashboard

  1. Credit is given where credit is due so I’m all for the ‘credits’ screen! Also the raising of the awareness with end users for the GPL license is a good thing, it truly underlines that good things in life can be free!

  2. I love the additions, but I always have to wonder if they’ll confuse the users. Every time a non-developer client goes to WordPress.org to look for help they’re frightened by all the code they find. Particularly when it’s just a matter of “where’s the kitchen sink icon in the editor?”

    So seeing my name in the contributors section is awesome. Seeing the names of everyone else who makes WordPress possible is even more so. But seeing “you have access to the source code, […] and the freedom to change it,” as true as it might be, is sure to scare some less code-savvy users away.

    The developer in me loves that this will be there. The consultant in me is tempted to hide them to eliminate the potential problems they might cause.

  3. Credits are all good an all but maybe a link to a screen like this actually on the wordpress site would be more fitting? Would this add lag to the load time of the dashboard?

    • Actually, it’s not on the dashboard itself … but there’s a link to “Credits” in the footer that goes to another page. And that separate page loads the credits directly from WordPress.org.

      • Ah that is fair enough then, so it would only call the data if the link is clicked?

        • Yep. The page (/wp-admin/credits.php) loads the information in a separate HTTP request that’s fired by the server em only when you load the credits page. It also caches the data for a week so that you don’t have to make multiple requests at once.

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