WordPress 3.2 RC3 and 3.1.4 are waiting in your Dashboards

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Once those core updates show up there’s only really one way to get rid of them, once and for all: update. Today we have something for the whole family: a security release in 3.1.4 and another release candidate for the upcoming 3.2.

Ryan Boren posted the news this afternoon, along with a bit of background on the security release in 3.1.4:

This release fixes an issue that could allow a malicious Editor-level user to gain further access to the site. Thanks K. Gudinavicius of SEC Consult for bringing this to our attention. Version 3.1.4 also incorporates several other security fixes and hardening measures thanks to the work of WordPress developers Alexander Concha and Jon Cave of our security team. Consult the change log for more details.

Hit those eager upgrade buttons for 3.1.4, and bring your testing sites up to speed with 3.2 RC3. If you aren’t sure whether you’re ready for 3.2 yet (your plugins as well as your hosting requirements), then, well, what have you been doing?

One thought on “WordPress 3.2 RC3 and 3.1.4 are waiting in your Dashboards

  1. Exciting news. Someday it would be nice if there was a release of a secure, stable version of WordPress.

    I love WordPress, however every upgrade seems to always be critical. Just a thought.


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